10 Things You Should Never Do In A Shower


Most of us shower at least once per day. Doing it 365 days a year for a minimum of a decade, you’d think we would have perfected it by now. But how clean is your shower, really? Do you know about the dangers lurking in your loofah? Frolicking in your faucet? Are you piling on more germs than you’re washing off? Your beloved shower could be hiding some seriously nasty germs. Find out how to identify and get rid of the most common sources. You won’t believe where they’re hiding.

We have an arsenal full of soap, shampoos, and conditioners, but are we wielding them effectively? Turns out, many of the products in your shower can be doing more harm than good. We’ll tell you the best ways to protect your skin, hair, and body. Being smelly isn’t the worst consequence of not bathing properly. Worst case scenarios can be incredibly dangerous and could end up with you in the hospital. Get the dirt on how to deal with the dirt and protect yourself. Think your skincare routine can pass our test? Let’s just say if you’re waiting more than three minutes to moisturize, you’re doing it all wrong.