10 Things You Should Never Buy On The Internet


What could be better than purchasing food, a laptop, or even a maid from the convenience of your own home? Today’s modern digital market shows that more and more people are looking to the Internet when making every day purchases. But, could there be some things you should steer clear of online? From buying a car, to purchasing a pet, these are 10 things you should never buy on the Internet!

There is no short supply of makeup guru’s and beauty influencers trying to sell you their awesome makeup products. But, you should take caution when trying something new. Many times the products, color, and quality aren’t exactly what they seem online. Just because something looks good on someone else, doesn’t mean it will look good on you. There are many factors such as lighting, skin tone, and personal preference than come in to play when making makeup purchases. You should only purchase makeup when you are able to test in out on yourself before you buy!

If you are buying perfume online, hopefully it’s because you have smelt and fell in love with the fragrance in your online shopping cart. If that is not the case, you may want to rethink your purchase. When it comes to perfume, you have to smell the goods before you buy them! You can’t expect to see a list of scents that make up the perfume, and just assume it will be a combination you love! You have to test it for yourself! Just like make up, it’s best to test before you buy!

It may seem like everyone’s dream car buying experience, purchasing a car online and not dealing with a salesperson! What could be better? It does come with some drawbacks. You aren’t able to actually test drive the car before you buy it. How are you supposed to know if you even enjoy the experience of driving your new car if you buy it online? While it may be great to price shop for cars online, but that’s all you should do online! Yes, it may seem very convenient, but you should leave large purchases like buying a car to something you do in person.

Purchasing prescription drugs in the USA without insurance can be pretty expensive, hence why online pharmacies were created in the first place. Though, sometimes they can be very helpful, there are a lot of fraudulent online pharmacies. In 2013, the FDA seized over $41 million dollars worth of counterfeit drugs from over 9,500 online pharmacies. Red flags for fraudulent online pharmacies include sites that don’t require a written prescription from a doctor, which is illegal on it’s own!

If you have been browsing through buyable pets for a while, it could be pretty hard to resist purchasing a fur baby on the Internet. But, unfortunately, for every awesome and responsible breeder online, there are very bad and irresponsible breeders. The online pet market is littered with people who abuse and neglect animals for the sake of breeding them. Many times the animals can come from pet mills, or when it comes to exotic animals, the black market. You should always do your research, and make sure if you do decide to buy a pet online, that you are getting it form a reputable breeder or shelter!

If you think you are getting a deal online that is too good to be true, it’s because it is. Many fraudulent sites will rope people in with their super discounted goods, but buyers beware. If a site seems suspicious, or doesn’t have the little lock icon on the browser bar, it may mean the site isn’t secure. When you purchase things from a non-secure website, you are most likely putting your information in the hands of a criminal. Don’t be surprised if they steal your identity, and purchase a few things over the Internet of their own!