Over the next couple of years, Pixar has an ambitious release schedule of brand new films and sequels to your favorite franchises. Pixar is putting it into high gear by releasing Cars 3 on June 16 2017, with the returning of our favorite racecar Lightning McQueen in the driver’s seat again.

The first Cars movie was released in 2006 and over ten years later, this franchise finds it still has a lot of road to cover. When we last saw Lightning McQueen and his tow-truck pal Mater, they were in Europe and Asia for the World Grand Prix racing event. There, Mater got mixed up in some international espionage. Making new spy car friends along the way, Lightning McQueen races to save Mater and the day.

The teaser trailer for Cars 3 dropped in November of 2016, full trailers were released in 2017, and fans have been speculating about the Cars 3 ever since. The last time we saw McQueen and the gang was in 2011. What have they all been up to since then? We know Lightning McQueen has been racing. Did Mater go back to being an international spy? What has been happening to McQueen as he gets older and the competition gets younger? A lot can happen in that time.

What we do know has come from speculation based off the teaser and movie trailers, where audiences see Lightning McQueen have a terrible accident while racing. A line from the trailer leaves audiences with a mystery with the line, “From this moment, everything will change.” This sounds like a real game changer for our favorite racecar. What s going to change and how? We are here to help put these questions and more to rest with the things everyone should know ahead of Cars 3 release in June.