10 Things You Didn't Know About Your Body


Our bodies are holding an incredible amount of blood vessels, intestines, and more, lurking just below the surface. Almost makes you wonder just how many you have in there. Find out just how many miles of each you have inside you. They’re all arranged to work in perfect harmony with one another. But they are also capable of more great feats than you might imagine. Your body may not be the fastest in the animal kingdom, in our own way, we run better than even a cheetah.

Butterflies have the ability to see ultraviolet light, but do humans? You might be surprised by what you’re capable of. We know that we live in a delicate ecosystem, but what about the one hiding inside of our belly buttons? Scientists have but a positively staggering amount of effort into finding out just what is lurking in there. Our cheeks blush when we feel embarrassed, but there is another part of our body that blushes as well. And it’s something you’d never see.

Find out what your finger shape says about your personality. And learn just how sensitive your fingertips are, and how to maximize the sensitivity. What’s the smallest difference in texture you think you can perceive?