10 Things You Didn't Know About The Male Body


Men can be a mystery to women (and to themselves, for that matter), so it’s no surprise there are some shocking things you didn’t know about the male body. Get ready to throw certain assumptions out of the window, as we reveal surprising facts about men, to do with their hormones, their brains and their hair. There are obvious differences between men and women, but there are also some fascinating similarities. Men can do things that we all thought only belonged in the domain of women. You’ll never look at a man’s nipples in the same way again.

The role of hormones plays a big part in some of the weirdest facts about the male body. Things like men being able to lactate are down to disturbances with the milk-producing hormone prolactin. And the fact that men also have estrogen can lead to some unusual symptoms too when the levels get too high. When men become fathers, they produce the same bonding hormones as new mothers. The evolutionary explanation is really quite sweet.

It’s not just on a chemical level where men can have strange similarities to women. It’s also on a psychological level, when it comes to a surprising number of men believing they experience period pains just like women. Seriously. Perhaps the fact that all men started out on a path towards womanhood could go some way as to explaining these shock facts. A man’s mother is often blamed for his baldness, but the truth behind male pattern baldness is much more complicated than that. And on the subject of hair, the number of whiskers on a man’s face will astound you. It’s no wonder you can’t even begin to count them.

There are lots of ways in which men are different to women, too. And it’s not just in the obvious ways. If you didn’t think there was any difference in the thickness of men’s and women’s skin, think again. When it comes to foot size, there’s also a marked contrast. And if you believe men’s and women’s brains are wired in the same way, prepare to rethink your assumptions. When you discover the contrasting ways in which the genders use their hemispheres, you’ll understand why men can’t multitask so well.