10 Things You Didn't Know About The Dark Web


The Internet is a huge place, but many of us don’t know just how big it actually is. People all over the world have access to a place called the “Dark Web”, and those of us who don’t know about it should proceed with caution. From strange merchants to buy illegal activity, these are 10 things you didn’t know about the dark web.

The illegal activity found on the dark web is vast. This is because the browsers used to access it help keep merchants and users anonymous. You can purchase anything from guns to stolen credit card numbers, but one of the biggest markets on the dark web is the drug market. The traditional way of buying illegal drugs is becoming more obsolete considering you can get anything you want on the dark web. Though, it is still completely illegal, and is not advised to purchase illegal drugs online. People feel like the dark web is a better community when it comes to drugs. You won’t have to expose yourself to the potential dangers of meeting someone you don’t know in a dark alley, and there are even people you can hire to run safety tests on your drug purchase. Again, it’s not advised to illegal drugs online, or even at all, as you still run the risk of being caught and arrested.

Another large market on the dark web is the very disturbing and graphic human trafficking market. It has now become the 2nd largest source of illegal income around the world, just behind the illegal drug market. Human traffickers abduct and sell people for things such as manual labor or sexual exploitation. It is said that about 600,000 to 800,000 men, women, and children are trafficked through international borders each year, and that 20.9 million people are the victims of human trafficking at this very moment. The more disturbing statistic is the fact that 50% of these people happen to be minors. If you suspect you have seen someone who is the victim of human trafficking, you can call 911, or submit an anonymous report online:

Not everything on the dark web is completely bad; there are many places that actually sell some pretty silly stuff. There are a vast variety of online merchants in the dark web; there is one guy who sells 1 pound bags of sand for $50. There isn’t actually anything special about this sand either. The description says, “Just a bag of sand, not a metaphor for anything.” If you aren’t in the market to purchase sand, maybe you should try the “wishing pill”. This pill prides itself on being able to make any wish come true; all you have to do is swallow it and make a wish, and in no time your wish will be reality! Not to be outdone by other strange merchants, there is even a German man who sells nothing but pretzels, yes, just a store of pretzels.

One of the most shocking things about the dark web is how big it is. What most people think of the Internet is just the surface of the it. The surface includes any websites that can be found with traditional search engines like Google or Bing. These sites only make up .03% of the Internet; the rest is considered the deep web. Many people get the dark web and the deep web confused. The deep web is any site that isn’t found on the surface Internet, so the dark web is a part of the deep web. The dark web is composed of only websites, were the deep web is composed of everything: websites, emails, user content, etc. It’s surprising to know that the surface internet that the majority of the world uses, doesn’t really even scratch the surface when it comes to all the content on the internet.