10 Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects


Everyday objects don’t often warrant much of our attention. But there are plenty of really interesting things to learn about them, some of which will blow your mind. And some of which will change the way you do things forever. In amongst all of these little-known facts about normal things, there are some seriously useful life hacks that will make your day-to-day existence much easier. Our video includes 10 things you didn’t know about everyday objects that you’ll be so keen to share after you’ve discovered them.

Quite a few of these unusual facts about everyday items are related to food and drink. Including the way to use a soda can tab to help deal with one of the most annoying things about trying to slurp a fizzy drink with a straw. There’s also the amazing transformation a Chinese food takeout box goes through to make it a multi-functional object. You’ll never eat Chinese food in the same way again once you’ve learnt this trick. And then there’s the helpful way to use the grooved end of a toothpick that will improve your hygiene. You can also let go of some of those assumptions you’ve been making about the ingredients in certain foodstuffs, like buttermilk.

We tend not to give a second thought to kitchen objects that are straightforward to use. Nobody needs to read an instruction manual to know how to use a saucepan. But did you ever notice how useful that hole on the end of the handle is? You’ll never store your dripping wooden spoon in the same way again once you’ve discovered this nugget of wisdom. And when it comes to your tin foil, all it takes is to pay a little attention to the end of the box to find the perfect way to keep your foil from falling out every time you tug on it.

Common objects like pens have some really clever design aspects to help with use and with safety. Take a close look at your biro and you’ll soon see a couple of holes, and there are a couple of interesting stories behind their existence. And if you thought those rivets on your jeans were just there to look good, think again. It’s thanks to them your pants aren’t falling down. As for why your backpack has two zippers on it, you’ll be impressed by the safety feature. And when it comes to using the blue side of an eraser for rubbing out pen, you’ll be relieved to finally learn what it’s really for.

Discover 10 things you didn’t know about everyday objects in our video, and let us know which one surprised you the most.