10 Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects


You may come in contact with typical items, such as pens, computer keyboards, spoons and soda bottles every day, but how much do you really know about these objects? Many of them are equipped with special features to make our lives much easier. Here are some surprising things you never knew about everyday objects.

On the side of a ballpoint pen, there’s a mysterious hole that has baffled us for years. No, it’s not a blow hole, it’s actually a ventilation hole. In the base of a pen, so much pressure begins to build up. Without those tiny holes in place, the ink would be unable to flow from the pen properly.

In every car, there’s an arrow next to the gas gauge, and it’s the most convenient feature on any automobile. The arrow points to either the left or the right, and it’s there to let you know which side of the car the gas cap is on. This really comes in handy when you’re driving a friend’s car or a rental vehicle. You don’t have to wonder which side the gas tank is on the next time you pull up to the gas pump.

In spaghetti spoons, there’s usually a big hole in the center, and this hole actually has a pretty cool purpose. While it can be used to help strain the water after your pasta has cooked, the hole is also the perfect size to measure one serving of spaghetti noodles. Just grab a handful of noodles, and place them into the hole until they fit snuggly. It’s pretty close to the exact portion size for one meal.

After devouring a lollipop, you may notice there’s a tiny hole located near the top of the plastic stick. This hole has a very important purpose. It’s actually used to keep the candy in place. During the production process, a bit of lollipop is melted inside the hole to help keep the candy secured to the stick. Without this hole, it would be impossible for the lollipop to stay put.

If you’ve ever poked around the inside of a bottle, you may have seen a plastic disc attached to the top of the bottle cap. When this disc is removed, the cap is still able to screw on securely. So what’s its purpose? Well, this disc actually creates a tight seal within beverages. Without the plastic disc, carbonated beverages would go flat almost immediately.