10 Things You Can Learn From Logan and Jake Paul


Unless you've been living under a rock, you've definitely heard about Jake and Logan Paul. Originally successful Vine stars from Ohio, these blonde brothers made the move to LA a couple of years ago to take over the social media world. And they've been making their mark on the YouTube vlogging community ever since. Not only are these two thoroughly entertaining, they can also teach us a lot about the secrets to success and happiness. Want to know more about what we think you can learn from these life gurus? Check out our list of 10 Things You Can Learn From Logan and Jake Paul.

We already know that working hard is the key to success, but Jake was never a hard worker back in school. He disliked school so much that he never applied himself to the work and had a GPA that was way below the national average. It was only after being inspired by Smosh's YouTube channel that Jake and Logan created their own page, called Zoosh, and Jake started working hard at something for the first time in his life. Want to know how low Jake's GPA really was? You'll have to watch our video to find out.

The boys also never let their young age limit them in what they could achieve. Before they were barely twenty-years-old, Jake and Paul had already worked with the likes of Disney, Pepsi, and HBO. They became millionaires in their late teens and it just goes to show that your age doesn't define your success.

Want to learn more life tips from these online celebrities? Make sure to watch our video to find out more and keep watching until the end to see which of their life lessons made our number one spot.