10 Things The Human Eye Cannot See


As humans, we believe we can see and experience everything. But the truth is, there’s much more to life than what meets the eye. The limitations of our eyesight mean we’re missing out on seeing some pretty interesting things. Here are a few things the human eye can’t see.

What you’re seeing in this image is a close-up shot of a single-celled organism called a paramecium. They can be found in freshwater and marine environments, but they’re so tiny, we’re unable to see them with the naked eye. These microscopic organisms can be as small as 50 micrometers which is the equivalent of 0.002 inches. Pretty tiny, right?

We know black holes exist in outer space, but no one has ever visually seen one. A black hole is a region that has a gravitational field so intense that nothing can escape it, not even light. Scientists are able to pinpoint the location of a black hole by locating gas and dust that's been sucked into it. But since no light is emitted, our eyes are unable to see them.

Many people say they can hear and feel the presence of ghosts. Others actually claim they’ve come face-to-face with a ghostly presence. But no matter how many ghost stories we’ve heard, no one has ever been able to capture a true photograph of a real ghost. Cool equipment, such as infrared cameras, are able to pick up some weird objects that our eyes can’t see, but actually capturing a picture of a ghost or a spirit is something that has yet to be done.

Right at this moment, you have a bunch of tiny, microscopic skin mites crawling all over your face. But before you run to the restroom and start scrubbing your skin with soap and water, just know that these skin mites are normal, and they’re completely harmless. They live their lives inside your pores until nighttime arrives. That’s when they crawl out of your pores to mate with their fellow mites. Then, they burrow back inside your skin to hang out and grab a bite to eat. If you’re scratching your skin right now, don’t worry, we are, too. This is one microscopic organism we don’t mind being unable to see.