10 Things That Physically Change Your Brain


We learn new things about the human brain all the time, and yet there’s still so much left to figure out. While scientists are pretty clued up about how certain areas of the brain function and what they can do if things go wrong, they’re still yet to figure out all of the intricate details about what makes which area of the brain tick, and just how we can ensure we keep our brains healthy. But there are a lot of obvious things that can alter how your brain works, and you probably do a lot of them everyday. Today, we’re showing you 10 Things That Physically Change Your Brain.

So, what will we be teaching you about the human brain today? We’ll be showing you exactly how not sleeping can alter the physical state of your brain, and how listening to music can improve your brain in many different ways. You’ll be learning about how reading can almost physically transport your brain into a whole new world, and how meditation can stop your brain drifting in more productive ways than you could have ever imagined. If that wasn’t enough to show you how amazing the human brain is, you’ll be hearing about how caffeine can teach your brain not to fall asleep, how gaining fat can harm your brain as well as your body and how chronic pain can also affect your brain in terrible ways.