10 Things That Are BANNED In America


From collecting rain water to consuming certain fruits from other countries, the US has gone to great lengths to ban some strange things that may shock you. Here are a few things that are banned in America.

US Congress passed a law that banned stores from selling any children’s books printed before 1985. This ban was created after lawmakers feared many old books were printed with ink that contained lead. Ingesting lead can cause lead poisoning, brain damage, and even death. Publishers and printing companies have to comply with these new safety standards to ensure the new wave of children’s books are safe and lead-free.

A traditional Scottish dish called Haggis, a minced meat made of sheep’s livers, hearts and lungs, has been banned in the United States since 1971. Scottish-Americans have tried desperately to get this law reversed, but America isn’t budging. In the US, eating sheep’s organs is forbidden because it increases the risk of disease transmission.

Kinder Eggs are a chocolate candy that contains a hidden toy inside, but if you’re in America, you will never be able to taste this delicious treat. The FDA believes the candy is just too dangerous to be consumed by children. The US claims the small toy inside the chocolate egg can be a choking hazard, and they’re probably right.

Shark fins are a Chinese delicacy that’s used as the main ingredient in soups, but many states in the US think this dish is a major no-no. In states such as California, Hawaii, Delaware, New York and Oregon, they view the way shark fins are collected as inhumane. Once the fins are removed, the sharks are placed back in the ocean where they suffer an agonizing death. Some sharks starve to death, others are eaten alive by other fish, and some drown because, without their fins, they’re unable to keep moving to force water through their gills.

Were you shocked by this list of things banned in America?