10 Things SPIDERMAN and SPIDERGIRL Have In Common


Spider Man is no doubt one of Marvel’s most beloved characters. He’s about to swing onto the big screen in his third reboot in the last decade and a half, but we don’t mind. In fact, we’re hyped for Homecoming as it’s Spidey’s first outing on his own in the MCU. But while we love Peter Parker’s web slinger, what about the others? The other web swingers that inhabit the Marvel universe. Believe it or not, Spider Man isn’t alone out there. For this video though, we’re going to focus in and talk about what Peter Parker, Miles Morales, Anya Corazon and May Parker all have in common. Reppin New York City, these four web slingers have a surprising about of stuff in common with each other. Whether it’s the radioactive spider from Oscorp, being able to climb on surfaces or shoot mechanical...or organic webbing, there’s always something to compare. They kind of worked with the Avengers but never really got that involved with the team. Aside from Stan Lee, there are three other creators present on this list, which is pretty awesome. Plus, the other spiders are pretty progressive. Not all these spiders are from the mainstream arc in Marvel, known as Earth 616, but that doesn’t matter to us; we’re not universist! Oh, and we can’t forget that they all have some pretty awesome spidey senses, some are even more awesome than others. And while she didn’t get her powers from a spider bite, Anya Corazon’s origin is literally,quite magical and unexpected for a spider related story.