10 Things School Girls Wish Guys Knew


Navigating the dating world can seem overwhelming at times; sometimes it really seems as if men and women are from different planets! But today we are going to decode some of the standard phrases girls use, and let you know what they really mean. From a standard way to let someone down easy that can accidentally inspire hope, to telling someone that they are just too nice, we’ll explain some of the top things women wish you knew. Some of these tips might improve your existing relationship, or start a new one with that girl you have had your eye on. No, it’s not true that women love jerks, but we also don’t love it when guys are overly passive with us. There’s only so many times you can handle hearing “I don’t care, what do you want to do?” before you lose it! We’ll also explain the mystery of why your hoodies keep going missing, and it might just surprise you.