10 Things Rich People Can Get Away With


When we watch videos about the rich and famous spending millions of dollars on everyday objects, we think that must be the life. Being able to drop $25,000 on a single taco covered in gold leaf seems pretty amazing, but that’s just the beginning of the privilege shown by the wealthy elite. You might think that our justice system would be the great equalizer if they commit a crime, but most are able to stroll right out of prison before their time is up. Not to mention that some prisons will actually let you pay to upgrade your stay! And that’s if you get convicted in the first place. Manage to convince the judge that you suffer from a condition known as “Affluenza,” that only a few can afford, and you might just be off the hook. Many wealthy diplomats don’t even have to pay their own parking tickets, and actually owe the city of New York millions of dollars in unpaid fines. If you’re struggling with student loan debt, try not to feel too angry when you realize that corporations can erase billions of dollars worth of their debt by simply declaring bankruptcy. Not to mention the many legal loopholes that exist for the wealthy to take advantage of come tax time that you simply don’t qualify for. All of this is before we even get started with the allegations of impropriety. Rich people can get away with doing things that would cause the rest of us to be fired, ostracized, or even arrested!