10 Things People HATE About School


As much as we love going to school to hang out with our friends, there are a bunch of other reasons why waking up at the crack of dawn to get an education bugs us to no end. Everyone who attends school has probably dealt with these common struggles that turn our schooldays into nightmares.

Bullies are one of the things that we all hate about school. Bullies go out of their way to tease, belittle and harass other students for no reason at all. They can really make their victims’ time at school the most traumatizing time of their lives. When it comes to bullies, it seems like they always get away with being mean to others, and if you end up telling a teacher or the principal about someone who’s bullying you, you get labeled as a “snitch.” Wouldn’t school be so much more enjoyable if people stopped bullying each other?

Group work is yet another thing about school that bugs us all. Why must teachers insist on giving students group work? Nothing good ever comes from working in a group, and it always seems like the good and hardworking students get stuck in a group full of slackers. One person ends up doing the entire project by themselves while the rest of the group kicks their feet up and takes all the credit.

While in school, we all know the struggle of trying to get a pass to use the restroom. Trying to get a bathroom pass in the middle of class is like asking the President of the United States to give you a shoutout on Twitter - it’s just not gonna happen. Teachers really think the few minutes in between class is more than enough time to go to your locker, go to the restroom and make it to your next class on schedule, but it’s really not. And sometimes, nature calls at the most inopportune moments, and we just can’t help it.

Schools are convinced that dress codes help foster an enriching educational environment, and they may be right. But that doesn’t change the fact that dress codes suck. Maybe showing off your midriff is a bit too much for school, but are spaghetti straps really so distracting that they need to be on every school’s dress code violation list? As for students who are forced to wear school uniforms, being told what to wear every single day is the pits, and it really takes the fun out of picking cute outfits to wear everyday.

One thing we all hate about school is showing up to class and hearing your teacher say, “Clear your desks, it’s time for a pop quiz!” The absolute horror on everyone’s face says it all: pop quizzes are the devil. No matter how hard you study, you’re never truly ready for a surprise quiz, and it can be a nerve-racking experience if you’re already struggling with a bad grade, and then BAM! Here comes a super difficult pop quiz to drop your grade even lower. You can kiss that C+ goodbye!