10 Things Only Makeup Addicts Can Understand


When you love makeup as much as a makeup addict does, you get to understand the epic love and sheer madness a they feel. From planning their outings around their look, to spending their emergency cash on the same shade of lipstick they’ve bought last week, we’re discussing 10 things only makeup addicts understand.

Makeup addicts believe that no two lipsticks are the same. No matter how many times they’ve bought practically the same shade of that beloved pink or burgundy, this twin version of the brand new one they have at home, is calling their name. We can’t tell if it’s the store lighting or cool new packaging, but they bite every time. In their hearts they know there’s a difference! It is said doing the same thing over and over again to expect different results, could be the first sign of insanity. Certainly food for thought.

To a lover of makeup, money is never an issue and there’s guaranteed a budget somewhere that’s allocated to their makeup collection. Not to mention, time is never of any consideration! When a girl is putting in hard work to get that lip liner just right, she’s not going to come up short for a mere 15 or 30 minutes of tardiness. Being late is fashionable and happy girls are the prettiest, so they aren’t going to be happy until they get their makeup looking just perfect!

Once a Makeup addict has their look down, now the heads better turn. They might take to social media to show off their skills or they might even like a good old fashion occasion to rock their creation. Never a better feeling than when another makeup addict or a love interest compliments them on their hard work. And while understanding that natural beauty is to be owned and enjoyed, makeup can enhance and accentuate a woman’s beauty, allowing you to explore different worlds. Colors, products that perfect the skin and glitter light up a makeup addicts day. Real beauty is on the inside, but artistic creation is meant to be expressed outwardly.

True makeup addicts not only love beauty products applied perfectly to their own face, but can really enjoy how beautiful it looks on others. Compliments tend to get exchanged and that kind of thing pulls women together. So beware to those who look to question the makeup addict’s ‘ways’, they will all have each other’s backs.

Makeup addicts understand that once they invest into their look, it’s a commitment. From the space their collection takes, to carefully executed dinner experiences, to the trails of makeup particles they leave behind. Streaks of lipstick, foundation stains and mascara clumps seem to be found all over the place. It’s okay, while they’re ignoring these makeup trails, we’re confident to find the makeup addict premeditating their next look.

When they catch wind that they will be attending somewhat of a special occasion, they plan for it. As a makeup addict, they search the net extensively, make a Pinterest or even a mood board to capture their inspiration. Next step: Shopping! Time to hit the stores and see what they can find and practice that look to perfection. Never will there be a special occasion that this Makeup Addict is unprepared for!

In the end a makeup addict knows that once in awhile natural is good. This is when the wonderful “no makeup” makeup look comes in handy. Of course! How could they possibly ditch makeup altogether? It would simply be to give the appearance that they are going natural, while remaining flawless. Unfortunately, the application process becomes way too much fun, and next thing you know, they have a full blown smokey eye. Oops!