10 Things Only A Small Percentage Of People Are Born With


You know that the average human body is capable of some incredible things. But some people have just a few extra features that yours didn’t come with. You’ve heard of people needing an organ transplant, but some people come with an extra organ or two. Duplex Kidneys are so rare, they occur in only 1% of the population.

It sounds like something alien, but some humans really are born with tails or cauls, although they’re usually removed at birth. We already have a hard enough time trying to buy jeans without worrying about accommodating a tail. Find out why hypertrichosis is called werewolf syndrome, and if people who have it are more likely to howl at the moon or listen to Duran Duran.

If you’re watching this with someone who has Moebius syndrome, don’t be surprised when they don’t gasp and smile during the video. It’s not that they aren’t enjoying it-because who wouldn’t be, it’s because they can’t. We cover a range of abnormalities from people with a tiny extra hole in their ear, to people with protoporphyria who are allergic to the sun.