10 Things No Woman Should Ever Accept


Women all over the world have been making strides and standing up for their rights. But, what are some things that happen to women daily that shouldn’t be tolerated? From not dealing with abusive relationships, to ignoring people who shame you, these are 10 things no woman should ever accept!

It is not your duty as a wife or girlfriend to give your partner sex when you aren’t feeling it. You should never feel guilty for not wanting to do something you simple don’t feel like doing. If your partner has a tendency to make you feel bad, or coerce you into sex, then it is a big red flag. When someone cares about you, they care about your pleasure as well, which doesn’t come from being forced to do something. Take a step back and stand up for yourself, if not, get help if you think someone may have crossed a line.

Though women have been making strides in the work place, many fields of work are still male dominated. That being said, it could seem a bit overwhelming and even intimidating trying to crack into a male dominated field. You may have to work harder, and may even be looked over for certain promotions, but you should never accept blatant disrespect. You must command and expect respect from your co-workers, because you are just as intelligent and competent as the majority!

Being abused whether it’s emotional or physical by anyone in your life should be unacceptable. No one deserves abuse, especially if it is from someone who is supposed to love them. Abuse can leave you depressed, withdrawn from friends and family, and it can even make you give up on your goals. If you feel someone in your life is abusing you, try to seek help. It will be a long and tough road, but coming out on the other side will leave you happier and stronger in the end.

If there comes a point in a relationship where it no longer makes you happy, then it is considered a toxic relationship. Or, if it’s harder to be with someone than it is to be without them, then it is a toxic relationship. No woman should accept friends or boyfriends who make their lives more stressful than they have to be. Don’t be afraid to cut the chord when a relationship has hit its expiration date. After all, you don’t have time to waste on people or things that suck the life out of you!

Whether it comes to your body or your choice of career, you should never accept someone who shames you. Other people’s opinions about you are their problem not yours, and they should be ignored. You are allowed to live any life you want, without worrying what other’s think about your decisions. If you want to eat a whole pizza, do it! If you want to explore your sexuality do it! What you do is no one else’s business except your own, and if you are happy with your choices, then there is no shame in that!

Parents may have plans for their daughters’ lives, and sometimes even their spouses, but that doesn’t mean they have to accept them. Women should have the freedom to live the lives they want, and make the choices they want. If someone tells you how you should live your life, and it contradicts what you stand for, then there is no reason to listen. You should be free to make mistakes, and hopefully you learn from them! At the end of the day, your life is your journey, and you should spend it doing what is best for you.