10 Things Most Humans CAN'T DO


The human body can do so many wonderful things, but there are some seemingly easy things most humans can’t do. Granted, a lot of these things aren’t ever going to be necessary or helpful, but that doesn’t stop the majority of us wanting to be able to do them. The human body can’t do certain things as a self-protection mechanism, but it’s a mystery as to why other things are difficult for the body to do. From tongues, noses, eyes and toes to fists, saliva glands and sex acts, we’ve found the facts behind 10 things most humans cannot do.

Your mouth is an amazing part of your body, allowing you to eat, drink, breathe and talk. But some people can’t perform all of things they’d like to with the parts of their mouths. Take tongue tricks, for example. You can either roll your tongue, or you can’t. Or can you learn how to? The debate rages on as to whether these kinds of actions are genetic or can be learned. And then there’s the size of the mouth compared to other parts of the body. Are you one of the few people who can fit their entire fist in their mouth? Good for you. The majority of us can’t.

There are some people who can deliberately perform a saliva spit just like a camel. The rest of us just embarrass ourselves by accidentally doing it in the dentist’s chair. When it comes to swallowing and breathing at the same time, none of us can do so. But that’s a positive, given that it stops food entering our windpipes. There are other defense mechanisms our body has in place, to stop things entering it that shouldn’t. You’ll know all about this if you’ve ever taken on the “Cinnamon Challenge”. And if you haven’t, then definitely don’t try. It can be fatal. And as for taking a very private part of your body in your mouth, only a very few men can achieve this. Say no more.

Certain difficult body tricks have been made famous by celebrities or TV shows, like the “Bewitched” nose twitch. Speaking of noses and famous people, anyone who’s seen Kiss’s Gene Simmons touch his own nose with his tongue will have tried to copy. And most of them will have failed. But we can all unite in the fact that we can’t help but close our eyes when we sneeze. We can’t keep our lids open when we sneeze, but there’s a good reason for this. And no, it’s not related to stopping our eyeballs from popping out.

Watch our video to discover 10 things most humans can’t do, and then see if you can resist trying out a few for yourself!