10 Things Most Humans Can’t Do


All people can eat, drink and sleep. Most of them can read or speak, they can travel to work or school, and they can take care of themselves as they go about their daily lives. But not many can put on a random song, sing along and perfectly match all the notes. Only a small group of people can see sounds as individual colors, and just a tiny portion of a remote population can peer underwater with eyesight as clear as a that of a born and bred sea creature. You probably don’t know anyone with these aforementioned skills any more than you most likely can’t run an unlimited amount of marathons or survive super-cold and far-away environments. And if you aren’t genetically equipped to live in extremes, there’s a strong chance don’t have immortal and everlasting cells swimming around your bloodstream. Not only that, we’re also betting you don’t have many friends whose brain power can match that of a computer. At this rate, if you can’t contort your body parts into unique shapes, you probably can’t even touch your tongue to your elbow.

But don’t get self-conscious; these aren’t normal skills. TheHub has assembled these talented and rare abilities because they’re the 10 Things Most Humans Can’t Do. While the majority of people have a hobby or talent they can claim as their own, these are assets that only genetically gifted individuals possess. So watch the following video and if you aren’t amazed, then you’re probably hiding some kind of unique and unbelievable power of your own.