10 Things Logan Paul Owns Only The Richest Can Afford


Let’s start with his grill. Most of the time you only see big-name rappers walking around with grills. But Logan likes all things that shine so he had to get himself a pair as well. How much do you think customized grills cost? Well, Logan’s cost a whopping $10,000!

Where do you think Logan Paul got his dog, Kong? From a dog shelter? Maybe from a breeder? No, Logan actually saw the dog at an event and bought it off of its owner on the spot. The price? $2,500! Who has that much money sitting in their pocket just waiting to spend on things? Apparently, Logan.

Logan also spared no expense when it came to his Mercedes Benz. He paid $300,000 for the car! Later he was involved in an accident but was clearly so unbothered by how much it would cost to repair the car that he vlogged throughout the whole thing! Talk about cool under pressure.

Whether it’s Gucci outfits, Rolex’s, or houses, nothing is too expensive for Logan Paul. Stay tuned to 10 Things Logan Paul Owns Only The Richest Can Afford to see how much Logan paid for one jacket!