10 Things Logan Paul Owns Only The Richest Can Afford


You love seeing his wild and crazy pranks and stunts on YouTube, but did you know that your views translate to millions of dollars for Logan Paul? We will show you what he does with all of that money that your clicks give him, and some of it might just shock you. Everyone loves his sweet little bird, Maverick, but that bird also has a ring that’s probably worth more than any jewelry you own! Even Maverick himself must have set Logan Paul back a pretty penny, as a sun conure isn’t a cheap pet. There’s also his pomeranian Kong, which could have easily cost a thousand dollars or more from a reputable breeder. Logan Paul likes to treat himself, whether that’s in the form of a Mercedes, or a pair of insanely expensive Gucci slippers. He also invested in a multi million dollar mansion so that he has a place to call home.