10 Things Kylie Jenner Taught Us Over The Years


We have seen Kylie Jenner become a beautiful young woman right before our eyes. She has had her life documented for everyone to see, and when we think back on it, we have learned a lot from the Youngest of the Kardashian/Jenner family. From always being photo ready, to dealing with Internet trolls, these are 10 things Kylie Jenner has taught us over the years.

It’s not really a surprise to anyone that Kylie has a crazy family. From drama, to sex changes, the girl has been through the ringer. One thing this does teach us, besides being thankful our family secrets aren’t shared with the world, is the fact that EVERYONE has a crazy family. The way Kylie has handled her family has been awe-inspiring. She operates in a space of love and acceptance, which proves if more people were compassionate in this world, it would be a better place.

It seems like Kylie is always changing her look. She is known to have ADD when it comes to her hair. From mint green locks one day, to a short blonde bob, this girl can really rock any hairstyle. She has admitted to being obsessed with wigs, and isn’t afraid to take some risks when it comes to her hair. Over the years Kylie has done some real damage to her natural locks, so when she feels like giving them a break, she turns to her wig collection. She says that her wigs give her confidence, and also allow her to experiment with her look. She doesn’t like to wear the same look twice, which is why we see her changing so often. She tells her fans if they want to play with their looks, then wigs are the way to go!

Not only are her hairstyles on fleek, but the girl’s squad gives us real #squadenvy. Kylie rolls with a deep circle of equally beautiful and talented people. Her bestie Justine Sky is an aspiring singer, while another BFF, Jordan Woods, is a plus sized model. As talented as her squad is, they are equally as loyal, and Kylie knows just how to spoil them. For Jordan’s birthday Kylie surprised her with a $14,000 gold bracelet. She also brought all of her friends to Turks and Cacaos where they stayed at a $50 million dollar estate for her 19th birthday. From beachy birthday getaways, to extravagant presents, it’s good to be in this group of social media elite.

Another thing Kylie has taught us is how to handle haters with grace. Being a part of America’s equivalent of royal family isn’t always easy. As the years go on, it seems like more and more people are taking to social media to attack the family. Luckily, Kylie has taught us that you don’t always have to sink to an Internet trolls level. She seems to take the high ground the majority of the time, and haters just don’t get to her. When her lip-gloss company was left with an “F” from the Better Business Bureau, she took it as an opportunity to learn, and confront the issues that her company was facing. This ended with her reaching out to her haters on social media, and revealing that after an investigation, the BBB reevaluated her company, and it received a higher rating.

Out of everything on this list, one thing that may be the most important lesson we have learned from Kylie is to never underestimate anyone. For years Kylie was known as the “ugly sister”, and it seemed like over night that she was blossoming into a beautiful young woman. She is now the most followed sibling on social media, and has a very successful business. She was able to come out on top, and proved with hard work and determination anyone can make it to the top! You are in control of your own destiny, never underestimate yourself, or anyone else, you may just be surprised at what is possible when someone sets his or her mind to it!