10 Things Kim Jong Un Secretly Enjoys


While North Korea would prefer we knew as little about them as possible, except that according to them they are the best and so is their military, some secrets do manage to get out. We all know that Kim Jong-un loves seeing people emulate him almost as much as he loves presiding over parades in his honor that feature fake weaponry. But there are some things about the North Korean Dear Leader that he would much prefer you didn’t. While he likes people to adore his exterior, he has some secrets he would prefer to keep. He’s come under criticism for his weight gain, with his loyal subjects worrying that he’s jeopardizing his health and putting his heart under strain. Perhaps that’s why he tries to keep his excessive cigarette smoking habit a secret. And it’s hard to keep weight off when the only thing you’re more addicted to than cigarettes is Swiss cheese and alcohol. We’ll tell you whether or not he’s a wine and cheese man, or if he likes to mix things up a little. He loved his grandfather as much as he loves himself, but is it possible he underwent plastic surgery as a way to pay homage? We’ve all heard about his collection of weapons, but his collections of shoes often goes unremarked upon. And for someone who proclaims he hates America, he sure does like our basketball stars, including former Chicago Bulls player Dennis Rodman, and enjoy Eric Clapton music. We’re also certain he enjoys American cinema, even though he oversees his own cartoon in North Korea.