10 Things Kim Jong Un Loves About America


Any time we turn on the news and hear something about North Korea it never seems to be good. After all, with threats of war being thrown around as much as North Korea’s exploding missiles, who knows what’s going to happen along the borders of the Hermit Kingdom. Yet, despite all the rhetoric, North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-Un, may not be as anti-American as we have all been led to believe. In fact, it turns out he is actually quite fond of several aspects of America and the American lifestyle.

We’ll start you off with a look at Kim’s love of Disney. Sure, his inclusion of Disney characters in concerts and official functions isn’t licensed, but who’s going to stop him? Then there’s alcohol. Kim is known to love imported booze and he even spends tens of thousands of dollars a year on US spirits. Do you love 80’s music? Well, then you have something in common with North Korea’s leader who enjoys a rather broad range of retro tunes. Americans and Kim have one big thing in common. Yes, there’s the expanding waistlines, but like Americans, Kim has an insatiable appetite for cheese. When you’ve put on a few pounds you likely do what Kim does and think about exercising. Well, it turns out Kim actually uses US-made gym equipment. Love your iPod, iMac and iPhone? You have a lot in common with North Korean leadership because it’s reported Kim is quite the fan of Apple. When he was young, Kim absolutely loved playing and watching basketball. His love of the NBA continues to this day and we’ll explore that a bit more. America is home of the theme park. From Disneyworld to Six Flags, America is the place to be for anyone who loves rides and thrills. It turns out Kim enjoys all of that so much he wants North Korea to be known for its awesome parks and rides. Of course, when you’re a rich dictator you have to have expensive collections of hard-to-get goods. In Kim’s case, that guilty pleasure involves shoes, especially the ones with the little swoosh on the side. Finally, we’ll end with one of the more strange things Kim Jong-Un loves about America. He’s tall, played NBA basketball and is often viewed as being as strange as the Korean dictator. Yup, we’re talking about Dennis Rodman.