10 Things Jake Paul Owns Only The Richest Can Afford


Twenty years ago, could you say that you could become a multi-millionaire just from posting videos on the Internet? It’s all so crazy! Let’s take a look at one of the internet’s most successful stars! Jake Paul has created quite the life for himself. He’s now known as one of the richest YouTubers in the world. In short, he is filthy rich and he’s not afraid to show off his vast wealth. It might seem a bit ridiculous that someone could make that much money off of social media, but Jake has done it. He’s likely inspired thousands of other YouTubers who want the same success as he has. Jake has accumulated more money before the age of 21 than a CEO for a Fortune 500 company. He also knows how to spend his money, but on what? We’re going to talk to you about some of the things that Jake Paul has bought that would make any rich person’s wallet squeal with delight!