10 Things Guys Will NEVER Say To Girls


There are many do’s and don’ts when it comes to certain topics of discussion between a guy and a girl. Though he may be thinking something, that doesn’t mean he is going to admit to a girl what that is! From telling you the truth about your weight, to admitting he doesn’t know how to do something, these are 10 things guys will never say to girls!

Chances are the guy in your life had a love life before you. It may be hard to imagine, but that means someone may have dumped him, or broken his heart. Because of this, he may never tell you the real reason his first love didn’t work out. But, rest assured, it’s probably for something completely innocent. Many times when guys experience love for the first time, they come on a little too strong. And this can scare many girls away, which is probably why some girl broke your guy’s heart.

Sometimes it can be like pulling teeth trying to get a guy to ask for help. Whether it’s asking for directions, or trying to fix a sink, guys hate saying, “I don’t know how.” They associate knowing how to do things around the house and fixing things with being manly. And when they finally admit they don’t know, it’s kind of like trading in their man card. It’s honestly not a big deal guys, girls would much rather call a plumber than have you mess things up more!

There is a whole industry built around guys trying to get the girls. Whether it’s buying cars, having nice clothes, or taking girls to fancy places, guys spare no expense. But, it all comes at a price, and not all guy’s pockets run that deep. Sadly, a guy will never admit to a girl if he can’t afford something. He is trying to impress you and make you happy, and admitting that he isn’t rolling in the dough won’t cut it in his mind.

We all know why you shouldn’t send naked pictures to a guy. There is a good chance he won’t have the only eyes on the photo. For some reason guys like to show off their conquests to their friends. But, he will never admit to you that all his friends have seen you naked. It would be completely humiliating, but he thinks of you more as a trophy in this situation. The good news is most guys grow out of this, because real men don’t show off naked photos of their girlfriends!

If a girl loses weight, a guy knows. If a girl gains weight, a guy will notice. Luckily, they are smart enough to never discuss a girl’s weight with them. So, when you ask a guy if you look fat, you already know the answer. The guy will probably know you are fishing for a compliment, and tell you that you look beautiful. This is another way he is trying to avoid a fight, or hurting your feelings.

You may love lounging around in baggy pants and sweaters, but that may not be so hot for your guy. They love when girls show a little extra skin or put some effort into their appearance. They are visual creatures after all. But, most of the time, they will never tell a girl she should change what she is wearing. They know that it’s your body and you can do what you want and dress how you want. But, he wouldn’t mind if you dressed yourself up every now and then!