10 Things Guys Do That TURN GIRLS ON


All girls are different when it comes to what turns them on. With so many girls in the world, it can get a little confusing for guys. We are here to help decipher some of the things that almost all girls like! From the way a guy smells to his ability to take control, these are 10 things guys do that turn girls on!

There are several different types of intelligence a guy can possess that help them with the girls. When a guy has intelligent conversation, and can leave to mental stimulation and arousal for a girl. When a guy is social intelligent, it makes the girl feel like she scored a great guy that plays well with others. And if a guy possess emotional intelligence it’s almost like winning the lottery for a woman. Girls love a guy who is in touch with their emotions and knows what they want. If a guy has any of these intelligent qualities, they are sure to be a real turn on with the ladies!

This may sound easy, but it’s not what you think guys. Of course girls love some passion in the bedroom, but it shouldn’t stop there. Girls love guys that are passionate about something. Watching them talk about something that gets the guy fired up, really turns a girl on. Whether is politics or planning out a future career, guys should try to have a passion in life. Chances are, the girl will do everything she can to help them reach their goals, so it’s a win win situation!

There are a lot of ways a guy can take control that turns a girl on. If a guy has control over their life and finances, it can be very sexy. Girls love a guy who have stability in their life. But, it’s even better if a guy can take control over a date, or in the bedroom. Girls don’t want to always have to choose where they are going or what they are doing. If a guy asks them out, they should be in control of the night’s events. This shows that the guy is stepping up and being a man for the girl.

There is a reason a lot girls are attracted the star quarterback, or the drummer in a band. Watching a guy sweat can be a major turn on for girls. It doesn’t even have to be from playing sports. A guy could go for a simple job and come back sweaty, and their girl will love it. There is a component in male sweat that leads to lightening a girl’s mood, and heightening arousal. Guys should never shy away from being active in front of their ladies; you never know what other sweaty activities it could lead to!

There is actually scientific proof that the way a guy smells can turn a girl on instantly. Yes, the expensive cologne and the aftershave are nice, but a guy’s natural scent is the most important. The pheromones a guy has in their scent causes a hormonal as well as physical and mental change in a girl. This doesn’t mean guys shouldn’t take care of unpleasant body odor. But, it does mean a guy’s natural scent after a light workout is ok. Girls like a guy with good hygiene, so guys should always make sure they smell their best!

Something as simple as a guy making eye contact across a crowded room can turn a girl on. If the girl and guy are dating and the guy grabs her hand or leg under the table, it can also be a turn on. If a girl and guy are waiting and line and the guy starts massaging her shoulders, it can be a turn on! These little intimate moments shows a girl that the guy is feeling the connection. Having a great connection and doing the little things are a sure way to a girl’s heart and affection.