10 Things Girls WISH Guys Knew


Being a guy and trying to figure out what women want can get pretty overwhelming sometimes. From being upset that you are staring, to keeping secrets from them, there are many things that can slip a guy up along the way. But, listen up guys because we are here to help! Today we are discussing 10 things girls wish guys knew.

It may not seem like it, but most girls aren’t impressed with the amount of money you have in your bank account. In fact, sometimes the more money a guy has, the more they feel entitled to women, and it can be a turn off. Sure, girls like to know you are able to support a possible family, but girls are also breadwinners and can support families themselves. So, don’t worry so much about how much money you have. Most girls could care less about your bankroll; they just want to find someone who has emotional wealth.

Girls know that guys love to try to impress them, but sometimes it gets a little too much. From flashy cars, to ridiculous outfits, you shouldn’t try too hard to impress a girl. Girls can see right through it, and it just isn’t attractive! If you want to impress a lady, the best thing you can do is have a sense of humor, and be true to yourself. Girls love genuine guys, so just relax and don’t try so hard!

Whether it’s looking at another girl, or watching a girl eat, ladies don’t like when you stare! Girls understand that men are visual creatures, but being stared at makes them uncomfortable. Girls will think there is something wrong with them, like something in their hair, or teeth, why else would you be staring? If you are staring at a girl who you don’t know, she will most likely just get creeped out. If she doesn’t reciprocate the stare, she isn’t interested in you, and you should stop!

If you are in a relationship with a girl, having secrets can be almost as bad as cheating. Girls like to talk, and they like to share what is going on in their lives, so when you withhold information from them, it can really hurt. They will wonder what else you have been able to keep a secret, and it could even cause trust issues. So, if you think something might be a big deal later, you should let your girl know immediately, and just say no to keeping secrets.

Girls wish guys listened to them when it comes to dating other girls. They are girls after all so they know how other girls operate. The best thing about having lady friends is they can tell you if they have some red flags from a girl you might be seeing. This isn’t to hurt your feelings or because they don’t want to see you happy, in fact it is the opposite! The reason you are bringing a new girl around your friends in the first place is to get their approval. So guys, when a lady friend says she has some red flags when it comes to your latest love interest, it isn’t because she is being petty, she is just being honest, listen!

Whatever you do, do not ever tell a girl she looks tired. This is the worst thing you could say to someone, let alone a woman. Being a woman is hard enough as it is, but when a guy tells her she looks tired, it’s like a slap in the face. Maybe she didn’t get enough sleep, maybe she didn’t feel like wearing makeup, maybe her baby kept her up all night, whatever it may be, the last thing she wants to hear is that she doesn’t look good. Instead of telling a girl she looks tired, try to compliment her; chances are it will brighten her day a little!