10 Things Girls Should NEVER Do In Public


It can be hard for girls to stay lady like in public. From always trying to look good, to having perfect manners, there are many things that are expected of women. But, when it comes to doing these things in public, there is no debate that they are unacceptable behaviors. From losing their temper, to peeing on toilet seats, these are 10 things girls should never do in public.

Have you ever been behind a woman who has lost her temper at a store manager, or maybe a waiter? Chances are the woman was appeased, but the store manager is making mental notes about never welcoming this woman back into their establishment. It’s true that you attract more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. But many women haven’t figured out that losing your temper in public won’t get you what you want. When you loose your temper in public it’s an uncomfortable situation, and it can leave a lasting impression for everyone involved. Being known as someone who angers easily shows that you may have a lack of coping skills and resort to being loud or a bully to get your point across. This can be a very unbecoming characteristic, and people will start to second-guess if they want to spend time with someone who is such a hot head.

It’s not always clear why a girl is losing their temper, because sometimes their opponent isn’t even visible to everyone else. If someone losing their temper in public isn’t bad enough, when a phone is added to the mix, it can get really awkward. There are many times people don’t realize how loud they are being when they are talking on the phone. With the invention of headphones, this has gotten even worse. We can only imagine the confusion that ensues when someone is screaming through their headphones during a fight they are having over the phone in public. This again is inconsiderate to the people around you, and it’s best to leave heated phone calls for when you get home.

It seems to be a common theme that girls shouldn’t fight in public, and that also means you should start fights with your boyfriend/girlfriend in public either. When it comes to fighting with or giving criticism to your significant other, it’s best to leave the battles at home. It’s not the time or place to bring up personal things that have been bothering you when you are both out with friends. When you criticize your partner in public, it will make them feel ostracized, because you are supposed to be on their team. It’s also an indication that you don’t respect them or their feelings. This can create major space between the two of you, and sometimes it’s hard to bounce back.

On a lighter note, it’s not only fighting and being unpleasant that girls shouldn’t be doing in public, there are some annoying things girls do, and may not even realize they are doing it. With the rise of social media, people are snapping and videoing every second of their day. It can get a bit annoying when you are constantly doing this in public. From taking selfies in the middle of a walking crowd, to snapping your dinner, no one wants to see your obsession with yourself in public. Yes, we love that you love yourself, but life is so much better when you experience it first hand!

Now, when it comes to manners, there are several things a girl shouldn’t do, like peeing on public toilet seats, farting, burping, and popping zits. Though it is true a girl shouldn’t burp and fart in public, sometimes you just can’t control it. But one thing that you can control and a girl should never do in public is spit. Spitting shows a lack of class, and can even make you seem less lady like and less attractive. Even more, you should never spit on someone else when you are fighting. This is possibly the lowest someone let alone a woman can go when it comes to humiliating their opponent. Ladies, please keep the spit in your mouth and off public sidewalks and other people!