10 Things Fashion Retailers DON'T Want You To Know


There is something that influences us every day, and you might not even be paying attention. That would be the fashion industry. There is a supply and demand for the latest trends, and it has an effect on not only us but also the rest of the world. From what we see in the magazines to how our clothing is made, these are ten things fashion designers don’t want you to know.

Have you noticed that the same brands always seem to pop up in your favorite fashion magazines? That may have something to do with designer gifting. This is a well-known fact in the industry, but many consumers don’t know that labels are pulling favors from bloggers and magazine editors by giving them freebies. This used to be just designer goods, but now it is so much more.

Freebies aren’t the only things designers want to keep from you. They also don’t want you to know the chemicals that go into making your garments. There are chemicals used in every step of making clothing. One popular brand uses 250 “restricted substances” in the production of their products, which should be a cause for concern.

If that wasn’t scary enough for you, did you know that bead work might be an indicator for child labor? Many manufacturers target children for their small hands that give them the ability to sew on beads with intricate detail. Just think about that the next time you buy an embellished item of clothing!