10 Things Everyone HATES


There are many things to love about the world, like puppies, baby laughs, and ice cream. Sadly, none of those things made this list, because as awesome as all of these things are, there are equally not so awesome things that everyone just doesn’t like. From horrible parking jobs, to public displays of affection, these are 10 things everyone hates!

Have you ever been driving through a very full parking spot and thought you saw a free space, only to find that someone did a total hack job at parking? Whether they were over the line, or just completely took up 2 parking spots, this is a serious offense. Horrible parkers have become such a hated breed of people that the internet has started to take their vengeance. It is believed that if someone parks badly they have no regard for people or the world around them. This mindset just doesn’t sit well with the rest of the world. Now there is an army of parking lot vigilantes, who find bad parking jobs, and leave passive aggressive notes in hopes the drivers learn their lessons! Here’s to hoping!

Speaking of passive aggressive notes, they are a great way to deal with your resident food thief! It is estimated that 18% of people have stolen food at the work place every now and then, and that 4% of workers actually steal coworker’s food often. Just the statistic is enough to make someone angry! There’s something about someone taking something that is yours that no one likes, but the fact that the thief is stealing food, makes it 10 times worse! 43% of people have been the victim of a workplace food thief, which is 43% too many! Get your passive aggressive notes and camera ready, because more likely than not, you too will be a victim of such a horrible injustice.

Have you ever taken the bus, or been the third wheel on and people just started making out in front of you? You either can’t look away, or are totally repulsed. It’s just completely disgusting and sometimes rude for people to have public displays of affection, or “PDA”. It’s actually one of the most hated and uncomfortable things we have to deal with in social situations. The thought of two people sucking on each other’s faces is enough to trigger our gag reflexes. On the flipside, as much as we all hate PDA, for some reason that goes out the window when it comes to participating in PDA. That makes this thing everyone hates, a complete double standard!

One thing that everyone all over the world can absolutely agree on is how much everyone hates traffic! Whether you’re in a hurry to get to work, or just trying to get on the other side of town, traffic is a great way to ruin your day. It’s crazy how inching along a busy highway at a snail’s pace can make even the calmest person in the world go into a traffic induced road rage. No one really enjoys the boredom and frustration that comes with sitting in traffic, but in America there are 2.9 billion more reasons to hate traffic. It is estimated that American’s spent so much time in traffic that it is the equivalent of $2.9 billion dollars wasted. That’s right, all that time shouting at cars on the highways could have been used to pump 2.9 billion more dollars into the US economy.