10 Things Every Girl Should Know Before Prom


Every Spring two things can be sure, flowers will bloom, and high school students will go to prom. If you are one of these students attending prom, then this is the video for you! From picking your perfect prom dress to preparing for unexpected emergencies, these are ten things every girl should know before prom.

When it comes to getting a dress, plan early! The earlier you go, the more time you have to get it right. This is especially true if you are ordering a dress online. We have all seen what a nightmare that can be, so make sure you have enough time to correct any online purchasing mistakes.

The one thing you should have before the dress is your shoes. You want to give yourself adequate time to break in your shoes before the big night. No one wants to dance the night away in shoes that give them blisters. Try stretching your heels by wearing them with socks before prom night.

We are sorry to tell you, but you won’t have the perfect prom night. There may be some unexpected emergencies, but thankfully you can prepare yourself. Bring a Tide to-go stick if you are wearing a light colored dress. You should also carry cash in your purse. You never know when you’ll need money, and having cash might save your night.