10 things Disney doesn't want you to know


Disney is one of the biggest empires in the world. Families depend on Disney for wholesome entertainment without the risk of exposing their kids to inappropriate content. But the thing is about Disney is that they are everywhere! They own a huge chunk of the entertainment business like Dream Works and ABC. They are also a global superpower when it comes to theme parks. If you let them, Disney can take over your whole life. If you think that means living blissfully in a magical world where dreams come true, you might want to get your wand checked. While Disney has the image of being magical and welcoming to everybody, the company does have its skeletons in the closet. For example, there has been speculation that Walt Disney was anti-Semitic, along with the rumor that the Disney company has some misbehaving employees. While learning about Disney’s dirty laundry may threaten the magic that we grew up with, sometimes it’s necessary to hear it.

In this video are ten things Disney doesn’t want you to know. From theme park shenanigans to hidden photos of naked ladies in their movies, Disney isn’t all perfection and magic that is suitable for a general audience. There is a whole new side of Disney that’s a bit naughty and ethically questionable. As much as Disney wants to have these things swept under the rug, they still manage to get out to the public. Even more so now thanks to the wide reaches of the Internet.