10 Things All Teenagers Go Through For Back To School


Summer vacation is definitely the highlight of every teenager's year. You get to go to bed whenever you want. It doesn't really matter if you sleep in until noon. You even usually have the house to yourself while your parents are at work. But going back to school is a struggle that every teenager must deal with once summer comes to an end. Make sure to watch our video to learn more about the 10 Things All Teenagers Go Through for Back to School.

Have you ever felt stressed at the beginning of the school year? You're not alone. It's totally normal to worry about making friends or about who your new teachers will be. But it's not normal if that stress starts to affect your mental health. Watch our video to find out some tips on how to manage your stress levels during the school year.

Did you have to end a summer fling as you headed back to school? Summer romances are way more intense than regular relationships. That's because you get to spend a lot of quality time together away from societal rules and peer pressure. Think of Danny and Sandy from “Grease.” They spent the whole summer falling in love with each other. But when Sandy started going to Danny's school, she could hardly recognize how he was acting in front of his friends. We all want our summer flings to go on forever, but good things don't always last.

From making new friends to embarrassing parents, teenagers have to go through a lot when getting ready to go back to school. Check out our video to learn more, and keep watching until the end to find out what your parents don't want you to know about young love.