10 Things All Guys Wonder About Girls


There’s so much that goes on in a girl’s life, and everything from her actions to the things she says can really be confusing. We’re about to break down all of the things guys wonder about girls but they’re too afraid to ask. From trying to figure out how girls walk in heels to wondering why it takes them so long to get ready, here are 10 Things All Guys Wonder About Girls.

There are some questions guys want to know, but they’re way too afraid to ask. For example, some guys will wonder how many ex-boyfriends and past hookups their girlfriend has had throughout the years. They’ll also wonder how they size up in comparison to her exes.

Guys see bras and feminine hygiene products everywhere, from the TV screen to local department stores. But they still have so many questions about these items. As far as bras go, they wonder how a girl could wear one all day long without feeling and comfortable. And for feminine hygiene products, guys perplexed by how the products are used during a girl’s monthly cycle.

Long lines at the women’s restroom and cramps are two other things that many guys have questions about. But the top topics that they would love to discuss with girls are the debate between looks and personality and why girls say they’re “fine” when they’re really not. If you’d like to see more of the things all guys wonder about girls, make sure to watch our video and leave us a comment about which of these things shocked you the most.