10 Things ALL Guys Do But Won't Admit


Love them or hate them, the world can’t function without men! Over the years it seems like their roles have changed a bit, and being in touch with their femininity isn’t as big of a deal. Many men are starting to enjoy the girly side of life, whether it’s gossiping with other guys, or getting a manicure, these are 10 things all men do, but won’t admit.

When it comes to their looks, men actually do care about what they look like. Even if they never tell you, they take pride in looking good. It’s hard to tell when a guy seems to roll around in the same shirt for 3 days, but when it’s time to actually be social, they usually snap out of the slump. Men have started to take just as long as women to get ready! From getting their eyebrows waxed, to having manicures, more and more men are investing in their looks. It’s actually pretty silly that they won’t admit it considering the amount of gym selfies guys have started to take, but it’s still not considered masculine.

Another thing that isn’t considered masculine, but all men do it anyways, is acknowledging when other men are attractive. Women are known for complimenting each other, but for some reason men aren’t. Men know when another man is attractive; just ask a guy what they think about Brad Pitt, chances are he will say he’s one handsome guy. But, men would never admit this to another man. Chances are you won’t hear guys complimenting each other in the locker room, but they are all sneakily sizing one another up, and seeing how they measure up. There is actually reasoning behind this though. Many men fear if they call another man attractive, they will be labeled as homosexual. This just isn’t the case anymore! Spread the love and give each other compliments, guys, it’s no big deal!

Aside from knowing when other guys are attractive, men have many other things they do that women do. Like loving fruity drinks, and gossip. It might surprise you that men may want a break from their basic beers, and when they do, most of the time they go for a fruity drink. Though it isn’t considered very masculine, and that is usually what deters men from ordering them when they are out with their guy friends, men secretly love these drinks! Men also gossip, though, they may not ever realize that they are gossiping. To them it is just catching up with what is going on with their circle of friends, but men will do it, even if they give women flak for gossiping!

It may not be as big of a secret anymore, but men love shoes, they may not admit to having the same shoe fetish as their female counterparts, but they love them! What used to serve as just something to get them from point A to point B has now become a status symbol for guys. Having the latest Jordan’s or Nike’s means you are doing well in life. Not only are they a status symbol, men’s shoes are becoming just as fashionable as women’s shoes, and men have experimented more with them. If you’ve ever walked past a sneaker store, then you know that men’s shoes have come a long way.