When we were growing up, it seemed like there was always one of our peers who was more advanced physically, mentally, or emotionally. Whether this person was able to wiggle their ears while we were still struggling to pay attention during story time, or whether they were solving advanced brain teasers that left us scratching our heads, it seemed like we were always a step behind. But there are many ways in which you are unique, and we’re going to go over ten simple tests you can do at home to put your skills to the test. It could be something as simple as the ability to really enjoy your food sets you apart from others. If you’re not a supertaster, it’s possible that you could be a supertasker instead, if you find yourself proficient at multi-tasking. Or, if you’re someone who never forgets a face, you might recognize yourself during our entry on super recognizers.

Have you checked your Beighton Score lately? That’s the test used to test if you’re actually double-jointed, or hypermobile as it’s also called. Do you think you’re able to lick your elbow? What about your nose? It could be a matter of technique, in which case, we can walk you through it. But don’t push yourself too hard. We’ll need you in tip top shape when we test your brain later. There’s also a test on balance, but you can do that one with your eyes closed. Literally.