10 Teenagers Who Were Trending Before 14


Thanks to the Internet, anyone can get really famous, really fast, like these 10 teenagers who were trending before they were 14. Whether they came to the world’s attention through Vine,, YouTube or a viral meme, these teens and pre-teens prove you don’t have to be an adult to be getting loads of attention online and millions of followers on social media. From models and music stars to bloggers and meme stars, discover how these teens got famous before their fourteenth birthday.

Vine has created standout stars that prove that you only need a few seconds to make a big impact, like Jeffrey Eli Miller. He started sharing his music covers on Vine and got really popular, going on to appear on ‘Good Morning America’ and release an EP. Jacob Sartorius’ fame also started on Vine with his anti-bullying message. But his really big break came through, with his lip-syncing videos getting him millions of followers and a record deal.

Others with big music dreams came to the attention of the world via YouTube. That was the case for Matthew Morris aka MattyB, who earned millions of YouTube subscribers and billions of video views. The singer/rapper went on tour and released a memoir, all before he turned 14. Of course, Rebecca Black knows all about the power of YouTube, becoming a huge viral star at 13 when her music video “Friday” was uploaded, and ridiculed. YouTube isn’t just for music stars, of course, as Amanda Steele shows with her wildly popular channel. Her pre-teen makeup tutorials got her millions of followers, plus a modelling contract with IMG. Model Thylane Blondeau’s career got her trending online as the “most beautiful girl in the world”.

You can also come to widespread attention on TV, like Danielle Bregoli, whose “cash me ousside” comment on ‘Dr. Phil’ at the age of 13 spawned a viral meme. Thanks to that newfound fame, she’s charging big bucks for personal appearances. Other viral stars go on to get TV airtime, like Sophia Grace, whose ‘Super Bass’ YouTube performance got her a segment on Ellen DeGeneres’ show. Then there are trending teens and pre-teens that go big thanks to their blogs, like Tavi Gevinson. Or thanks to a photograph of them becoming a meme, like ‘Disaster Girl’ Zoe Roth.

Discover more about how these 10 teenagers were trending before they were 14 in our video, and let us know in comments which ones you’re most interested in following.