10 Teenagers Who Have Become Self-Made Millionaires


When most teens are worrying about prom, or if their crush likes them back, these teenagers were planning for the future. But, what exactly does it take to make millions at such a young age? From learning how to make money online, to learning the trade market, these are 10 teens who have become self-made millionaires.

16 year old Ben Kapelushnik, also known as Ben Kicks, has found a way to capitalize in the $1.2 billion resale market. The homeschooled teen is the owner of which resale’s customized and hard to find sneakers. He is set to make $1 million from his online store alone, but it’s his famous clients, like Travis Scott, is where he makes the most money. Ben has become somewhat of a sneaker broker to some of the most famous people out there, who are willing to give him free advertising on their social media. Thus making his creditability grow, as well as his bank account!

When she was just 14 years old, Ashley Qualls taught herself how to code in HTML, and decided to launch a site called, to showcase her work. She wasn’t seeing much traction, so in order to bring people to her site; she started offering her designs to her peers for their MySpace layouts. This proved to be just the trick, because soon word of mouth started drawing more and more site visitors. She decided to take advantage of the numbers by joining Google Ad Sense, where she got a cut of advertising revenue. She eventually went on to cut her own deals with advertisers, and still brings in millions from!

Before Nick D’Aloisio was a teenager, he was already teaching himself computer programing by reading books and watching videos online. Once he had perfected his skills, he used them to develop apps during his summer breaks. He eventually stuck gold at the age of 15 with an app called “Trimit” which is basically the “Cliff Notes” for news articles. A Japanese investor saw the potential of the app, and gave D’Aloisio $300,000 in venture capital to perfect it. They went on to sell the end product “Summly” to Yahoo! for $300,000,000 dollars!

When Mohammed Islam of NYC was just 9 years old, he took an interest in dabbling in penny stocks. He was so good at trading penny stocks during lunch breaks, that by the age of 17 he had acquired over $72 million dollars! He now enjoys his fortune by splurging on expensive dinners with friends, and a BMW he doesn’t have a license to drive. And though he was paying rent on a Manhattan apartment, his immigrant parents haven’t allowed him to move out of their Queens apartment!

She may not be a teenager just yet, but this ex “Toddler and Tiaras” star is already worth millions! Isabelle Barrett, has millions of followers online, and is considered a successful business woman in her own right. She helped develop and is a stake holder in 2 fashion brands named “Glitzy Girls” and “Bound By The Crown Couture”. Since she is so young, and has so much money, she hopes to keep investing to help her money grow as fast as she does!

At 14 years old, Harvey Millington, has been able to turn a $2,000 gift from his father into a $2 million dollar fortune. The teen noticed that British government had scrapped their vehicle tax decals, so he developed similar decals to remind people when their car tax has expired. This proved to be a good choice, because the teen eventually made $100,000 in profit. He spent $40,000 on a piece of property next to his home. A few months later, land developers offered Millington $2 million dollars for his newly acquired land, which he found too good to pass up!