10 Teenagers Who Became Filthy Rich For Ridiculous Reasons


It seems that the natural course of life for teenagers is to get their feet wet with their first job, which usually doesn’t pay a lot of money. Then, they take those skills they learned and apply them towards their future, where they would presumably get a better job as they grow older and have more education and life experience. But, there are a lucky few who get to bypass the education and life experience because they managed to earn a fortune before they were old enough to drink alcohol. If you’re thinking that life isn’t fair, then you’re right. What will make life feel even more unfair is how these teenagers got rich in the first place. Some got rich for acting stupid, while others came up with a very simple concept and capitalized on it at the right time. This may seem like an unbalanced reward system since you can make it big for being incredibly irresponsible, or brilliant, but that is just how our society works.

In this video, you’ll meet ten teenagers who became filthy rich for ridiculous reasons. We’ve all learned about Danielle Bregoli, better known as the “Cash me ousside” girl who was catapulted into fame. Then we have Courtney Stodden who got famous for marrying at the age of 16. Let’s not forget Farrah Abraham who became a celebrity for becoming a mom at 16. But if you’re innovative and can come up with a solution to a problem like Abbey Fleck with her “Makin’ Bacon” invention, you can be financially secure for life. Or, if you’re good at poker, you can earn a living from gambling like Mike McDonald. If you have an eye for online real estate, then following Matt Wegrynz steps and making money from selling domain names could be in your future. If you have an eye for art, you can make it big like Maddie Bradshaw with just a bottle cap. If you love to party, then you can get your start in business by working in a nightclub at the age of 15 like Gary Martin! Jordan Maron managed to become filthy rich as a teen by playing video games and “Aaron” took more of an illegal route