10 teachers you wish you had


Teachers help shape the minds of children and young adults and prepare them for life’s obstacles. Thanks to the internet, we can see how certain teachers are hitting it out of the park in their classrooms. From a skateboarding college professor to a teacher who quit their job to become a model, these are ten teachers you wish you had!

College professors are known for being a little eccentric. But one college professor takes it to another level by skateboarding to all his classes. That wouldn’t be so strange if the professor were 30, but this guy is in his 70s! He isn’t the only teacher making splashes on campus. There is another college professor who made headlines when a student released a shirtless photo of him online. Since then, the professor has gathered an enormous social media following, and even signed a modeling contract with Armani.

Men aren’t the only teachers that are a hit on the internet. These ladies are also proving how awesome teaching can be. One teacher likes to bring her pets to school, and her students love it. The thing is, her pets happen to be little piggies! These pigs are so popular that they even have their own Instagram following! Another teacher uses technology to bring excitement to her classroom. She decided to teach her students literature, and computer game development at the same time!