Some people would say that being strapped to a little steel rolling car and catapulted 400 plus feet in the air before plummeting to the ground at 100 miles per hour is a means of cruel and unnecessary torture. Yet, every year thousands of people pay and even line up for hours on end to have this done to them.

Riding roller coasters until we puke or break our vocal cords is the sort of thing that makes us feel alive. That’s probably why we’ve been doing it for centuries. As long as we keep riding, amusement parks will continue to test our fear factors with unimaginable new heights and experiences. Still, there are some who prefer the classic rickety wooden roller coasters while others want a little more speed and power found in steel hypercoasters like the Fujiyama or Goliath. Then there are the thrill seekers that want to reach the heavens looking to conquer only the biggest and baddest mammoths around, including Six Flag’s famous Superman and the King of roller coasters Kingda Ka. And if you’ve always dreamed of owning a Ferrari but could never afford one, the Red Force in Ferrari Land will make you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat of a Formula One race car, taking you from 0 to 110 miles per hour in just FIVE seconds!

So if danger is your middle name and scary high roller coasters are your game, here are 10 of the tallest roller coasters you have to try.