10 Surprisingly VALUABLE Things You Have At Home


The next time you’re doing some cleaning at your home, don’t be so quick to throw everything away. What appears to be junk and trash can actually be a vintage item that’s worth thousands of dollars. There’s a huge market for these collectible items, and no price is too much for some-one who really wants to get their hands on a rate vintage product.

When it comes to selling money, any bills that are misprinted or out of circulation will earn you top dollar. So go through your piggy banks and rummage through old wallets to see if you can get lucky! The bills don’t even have to be that old, just check out this $20 bill printed from 2013. With a mismatched serial number, this rare bill that slipped through quality assurance checks is valued at $7,500.

Most people buy a box of cereal, devour it, and toss the box in the trash when they’re all done. But others have held on to some vintage cereal boxes that are now worth thousands of dollars. This unopened box of Wheaties to commemorate Lance Armstrong’s controversial 1999 Tour de France win is selling for $4,000 online. Even empty cereal boxes are worth some cash, like this vintage Batman Shredded Wheat box that’s priced at $600.

We all laugh whenever we get a glimpse at some of the first cell phones to hit stores. They were huge, bulky and weighed a ton. But there’s a market for these massive electronics, and vintage collectors can’t wait to get their hands on an older model. Check out this Motorola Dynatac cell phone. It comes with an antenna, an adaptor and a less than trendy carrying case. This piece of electronic history is valued at $3,250.

If you like to hold onto old mail, one of those envelopes may have a very valuable stamp affixed to it. For stamp collectors, the more rare the stamp is, the better. Something that may have cost a dime back in the 1800s could be worth hundreds of dollars today. This Canadian Scott 46 Queen Victoria stamp cost 20 cents when it was issued back in 1893, and it’s selling for $375. Not bad, right?

If you have some old Atari or Nintendo video games lying around, you’re well on your way to making some extra cash. Vintage video game collectors are ready and willing to plop down thousands of bucks just to get their hands on rare games, like this Special Pikachu Edition of Pokémon Yellow Version for Game Boy. Released back in 1998, this vintage game is selling for almost $5,500.

Since 1959, Barbie has been one of the most popular dolls to hit store shelves. In her first year alone; 351,000 dolls were sold. If you just so happen to have one of the very first Barbie dolls ever made, we have good news for you. The first doll, wearing her iconic black and white bath-ing suit, is the most popular. Buyers are willing to pay up to $9,000 to add the vintage doll to their collection.

Do you have any of these valuable items in your home?