10 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Korea's PSY


His family knows him as Park Jae-Sang, while the rest of the world knows him as PSY. He reached mega super stardom in 2012 with his song, “Gangnam Style.” He managed to bring attention to the K-POP genre, and the rest of the world was fascinated. Regardless of how you feel about “Gangnam Style”, you can’t deny that PSY became a household name overnight. People were singing the song in the clubs, in schools, in grocery stores, pretty much everywhere! Because we have such a strong cultural difference between South Korea and the western world, there wasn’t much we knew about PSY except that he was Korean, he could dance, and he became a cultural icon. But there is much more to PSY than meets the eye. While we see an artist at work, what is truly fascinating is when you pull back the curtain and learn about the backstory of the guy who made dancing and galloping cool!

In this video, we’re going to present to you ten surprising things you didn’t know about Korea’s PSY. For example, did you know that he served in the military for several years? He was also a big KPOP rapper star long before Gangnam Style became a hit even though many think that he got famous after the song. Despite his goofy antics when he’s performing, he’s actually a down to earth family man who enjoys mentoring up and coming stars. PSY also has a connection to Justin Bieber that you’ll find out about in the video!