10 Surprising Things North Korea Doesn't Know About South Korea Part 2


There are so many things that we don’t know about the insular country of North Korea. But there is an even wider gap in the information the average North Korean citizen has about their neighbors to the south. Despite being so close, the people of North Korea and the people of South Korea are actually worlds apart. We’ll tell you some surprising things that the people in North Korea are ignorant about when it comes to their neighbor. While you or I might fire up YouTube or turn on the news to get information, people in North Korea are limited to just five tv channels. However, some of them have been known to risk severe punishment just to get their hands on a South Korean soap opera. It’s no secret that North Korea doesn’t have a lot of friends, but you might be surprised at some of the “fact” they spread about the United States. Including the fact that the US has taken over South Korea and is entirely to blame for the whole Korean war. Some of these things are huge gaps in knowledge, but they also don’t know a lot of basic things that the rest of us do, like that their famous and wildly popular monster movie is just a rip-off of Godzilla. Women’s rights is a hot issue in most countries, and thankfully things are improving in both North Korea and South Korea in that regard. However, the women in North Korea have a particularly difficult uphill battle.