10 Surprising Everyday Things President Trump Enjoys


President Donald Trump spends no small amount of time in the spotlight. Even when he’s off-duty, he’s still firing out tweets that many people find rather off-putting. But other than firing up his Twitter account, gold, and power, what is it that Donald Trump truly enjoys? Rather than dining exclusively on the most expensive cuts of meat, rare aged cheeses, and fresh vegetables, it turns out you’re more likely to spot Trump in line at your local fast food restaurant loading up on ketchup. If he does decide to not grab something in the drive thru, you might be surprised to find out that he enjoys simple foods like steak and eggs. Although you might just be absolutely horrified when you find out how he likes them both prepared. And as far as sweet treats, while Trump does enjoy a shockingly simple ice cream flavor, it seems like people are just intent on making ice cream as an homage to him. It’s safe to say that most people don’t like Trump’s hairdo, but it is surprising that he himself loves it. So much in fact, he doesn’t want anyone else to touch it-even professional hairstylists. While many of us dream of someday living in the White House, Trump was reluctant to give up the comforts of his own tower to live there. Until he found joy in a surprisingly simple place: the phones. He may have a fleet of custom limos, but it turns out that Trump also loves trucks. And like most things he enjoys, he believes the bigger the better.