10 Superheroes Reimagined In Other Countries


and heroes. However, they are often obscured by Marvel and DC comics and films. Ultraman is a huge superhero in Japan who protects the Land of the Rising Sun. Capitão Falcão from Portugal fights Communists, who look like Mario Bros. El Santo, a Mexican luchador strikes fear in the hearts of the heartless. Spiderman, we mean Cicak-Man is Malaysia’s “sticky man” who wasn’t bit by a spider but instead slurped some poisonous coffee. He’s basically a nerdy, Gecko-hero. The Spanish comedic hero Pafman and Pafcat aren’t exceptional, except for being unexceptional. Yarasa Adam, or the Turkish Batman kept the campiness of Adam West show but tipped the scales for it’s risque content, espionage and capeless gymnastics. The Japanese Spider-Man got his powers from an alien from the planet Spider and one ups Parker by getting a giant robot in the deal. The Burka Avenger is a Pakistani “inspirational teacher” by day and by night she’s slinging books and pens at those who want to close down girl’s schools in the country. Meanwhile the reality that was the tragic Bosnian War created Bosman, a real comic that Bosnian soldiers read while defending Sarajevo. Finally there’s Captain Canuck eh, the defender of the north. He has diehard fans but since it’s an independent comic he finds it hard to compete against the big leaguers like Superman. Take off eh!