10 Superhero Teams That Could Be More Impressive Than The Justice League


DC's Justice League has always enjoyed popular support amongst fans dating back to it's inception in 1960. DC's finest have also done well in animated formats. But they're shift to live action has proven to be quite contrary. Proposed Justice League live action films have had the plug pulled twice. So what's holding the JL and the JLA back, box office wise? The Avengers have paved a glorious path through theatres. X-Men too! And The Fantastic Four was a decent hit internationally but flopped domestically.Can we get a little justice in the DC world? With firepower like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman, the Justice League have the wherewithal to turn most other teams asunder. But not all. Are you curious who these un-asunder-able teams are? Who could steal their thunder? The Avengers, Annihilators, Dr. Strange or the The Shadow Cabinet?